Consumer Connect. Our name alone conveys “Partnership.” On an elevator, we would explain that we “partner with you, our client, to represent, promote and enhance your brand. So you make positive and rewarding consumer connections.”

We do this in various homogenous ways. We partner with your Marketing team to design and implement Sampling
programs that motivate consumers and generate sales. We partner with your Operations team to Package your product with precision and professionalism to reinforce the quality of your brand. When you tap our Fulfillment services, we partner with multiple areas of your enterprise to process and ship sales orders for your consumers’ ultimate satisfaction. Behind the scenes, our Warehousing services symbolize our partnership to protect and preserve your inventory assets.

Every aspect of our business is partner-centric. We consistently treat our vendors and suppliers as valued partners -- we rely on them daily as part of our team. They are vital to the success of our mission. Internally, we hire the best and the brightest team members, and empower everyone equally as trusted partners with a common goal. Our goal is your goal. There is one goal.

That’s the view from 30,000 feet. Let’s drill down into the details of how our corporate culture is reflected in every stage of a typical project lifecycle … from initial project design through post-project analysis.

Bring us a sketch on a napkin, a fully documented project Design or anything in between … and let’s get started. Our executive team embodies a unique blend of retail, marketing and packaging talent. We leverage our scalable expertise to ensure the final project Design has been fully considered in exhaustive detail. We work with you to devise, evaluate and compare multiple Design approaches. Consideration of “what if” scenarios are healthy exercises to engage discourse among team members from all disciplines. Our mutual goal is for our project Design to be the strongest possible launch pad for a successful outcome.

When we have finalized a program design, our focus turns to Planning. Ranging from the simplest to the most complex projects, we minimize risks and enhance communications by devising and documenting a detailed project plan. Yes, for everything we do. Yes, for all stages of a project lifecycle. Our intent is to analyze and evaluate every detail (and nuance) to optimize time and cost efficiencies. Our project plans include multiple checkpoints and milestones so we can anticipate potential challenges and keep the program on track. At a minimum, our management and staff meet frequently to discuss project progress relative to plan. As our client and partner, you are advised of our initial project plan and any mid-stream revisions that evolve. No surprises.

We believe that the best partnerships are based on trust and flexibility. We have a Design. We have done our Planning. Now we need all of the pieces required for Production. We excel in the flexibility of our Sourcing. If you provide all project components, we carefully coordinate with you so we have everything needed to meet the schedule. If you expect a fully turn-key project execution, we have a wealth of B2B resources to draw on for the utmost in cost- and time-efficiency. Usually, our engagements fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Most commonly, we coordinate with you to determine what components you provide with items that we source. It’s all about coordination and teamwork.

Production is where the rubber meets the road. Where Design and Planning meet implementation. It’s our job to assemble the proper mix of technology, equipment, materials and manpower skill sets to specifically address each project. We don’t hesitate to reinvest in our technical infrastructure. The same is true for our human resources. On-going team training is common and frequent. When we don’t have a needed skill set, we hire it. It’s just that simple. Keeping our equipment and personnel running at peak capacity secures our potential for success -- for our mutual success.

As our client, you expect zero defects; as your partner, that’s our purpose. Quality is a start-to-finish endeavor. Our Quality Team carefully inspects raw materials, in-production stage products and finished goods. Hourly and daily milestones are closely monitored, and processes are adjusted as needed to meet plan objectives. Everyone is trained to look at all stages of production with a critical eye. We are your ambassadors. That is our job. This applies to everyone, from the person at the warehouse dock to the corner office. There is one goal, and it is our collective goal.


Significant operational savings can be realized when you entrust us to store your assets. Our Inventory partnerships address multiple objectives. Warehousing services can be a straightforward "case-in and case-out" scenario. We also store Inventory in conjunction with our Fulfillment services, in which your assets are converted from "case-in to unit(s)-out", most commonly to consumers' homes. Finally, Inventory can be comprised of the input or output of Packaging projects and Sampling programs. All Inventory is important to us. We demonstrate our commitment with thoughtful management and attention to detail. As your partner, we agree to preserve the value of your assets and support your brand.

All forms of Logistics are incorporated into a project lifecycle. Sampling programs and Fulfillment engagements entail shipping direct to consumer homes by USPS or other carrier. To support in-store events and promotions, packaged products can be sent by FedEx, UPS, truckload or LTL to your stores, warehouse, or regional distribution centers. We evaluate all Logistics options and provide you with a cost-benefit analysis for consideration. Our Warehousing and Logistics offerings are flexible and responsive to allow just-in-time shipments as required. When you have specific, pre-arranged shipping relationships, we seamlessly facilitate the Logistics as your partner.

From a simple Warehousing project, to a recurring Packaging engagement, a complex quarterly consumer Sampling program, or a daily e-Commerce Fulfillment engagement, we conduct measurement and analysis throughout the project lifecycle. Our goal is to achieve new efficiencies. At the end of a project, the analysis is thoughtfully compiled and evaluated. We analyze everything we do, with a sharp eye on ways to refine and improve every aspect of each our services to provide the premier level of performance to support our partnerships. Continuous improvement process is how, as a company, each and every team member works together to be “best in class” in our industry.