Consumer Connect develops brand equity and market share by establishing Consumer Connections. Connections are key to how we help you build better relationships with your customers. We provide shopper marketing solutions to drive your products and deliver sound results. Our diverse customer base has built a solid record of high quality successful sampling campaigns — capturing valuable data on consumer preferences and buying trends — while providing high traffic through the manufacturer/retailer’s website. We work with you to build your brand and generate consumer relationships by creating an online experience through customized micro-brand websites. We also develop targeted home delivery of samples directly to the consumer and create in-store campaign samples to engage the consumer in a retail setting.

    Our approach to Sampling programs consistently delivers measurable and proven return on investment:
    • Partner with marketing teams and agencies to define strategies and develop creative campaigns
    • Utilize our Packaging expertise to recommend cost-effective materials to support program goals
    • Assemble, package and label samples from bulk
    • Ship samples directly to households or stores
    • Compile and provide consumer analytics to evaluate Sampling programs for continuous improvement
    Successful Sampling programs raise consumers’ brand awareness, and reveal insights into consumer trends. Objectives include:
    • Attract new and reinforce existing brand loyalties
    • Launch new products by various online and offline media
    • Support existing marketing platforms with multiple products or to coincide with in-store events
    To enhance market intelligence:
    • Consumer feedback can be solicited before, during and after the project to better understand buying patterns
    As your Sampling partner, we act as your advocate by offering:
    • Marketing and messaging input
    • Guidance with legal and regulatory compliance
    • Validation and management of consumer data
    • Compliance with sustainability standards
    If needed, we provide fully turn-key Sampling solutions by sourcing:
    • Scalable workforce to accommodate peak demands or time critical projects and engagements
    • Demographic-specific list acquisition, media buys for banner ads, various B2B partnerships, printed items, shipping materials, labels, and other items
    The scope of our logistics is scalable and focused on precision:
    • Diligent performance via three-phase inspection process to enhance accuracy and minimize errors
    • Shipping direct to consumers at home via USPS or other carriers
    • Shipping to stores or regional distribution centers via UPS, FedEx, LTL/TL carriers for in-store demos and events
    Flexible information flow:
    • You have real-time access to data throughout all stages
    • Our proprietary management platform produces a range of standard and customized reports
    • Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    Substantial technology infrastructure:
    • Rapid development of micro-brand sites and interfaces to your web presence (and optionally retailers’ sites) for data capture and sample requests
    • Proprietary systems and processes for integrated marketing, order processing, quality assurance and warehousing functions respectively.
    • Security safeguards and best practices to protect consumer privacy
    • Definable consumer analytics